Coming all the way from Ghent (Belgium) to play for us:

Jake Walker


Jamaican ginger, or in short ‘Jake’, was a long used patented medicine in the US that contained alcohol. When prohibition came around in the 1920’s, Jake became very popular for the wrong reasons. The government got notice of the abuse and banned the product. A couple of gents moonshined the booze, but unfortunately, the new Jake flavor contained chemicals that caused paralysis in the hands and legs.

The numbness led sufferers to walk with a distinct manner, a.k.a. Jake Walker. Now, a hundred years later, Jake is back. Not as an illegal beverage, but as a strong flavored swing band. These guys are cooking in pubs and clubs every week. Their swing style and attitude made them very popular, particularly among dancers.

Link: Video: Nuno Neves Recorded at  BRUX 05/06/2022