About JuN

Authentic Jazz Festival based in Hamburg

After our first workshop in February 2020, Jump up North will be back in 2024. 

We want to create a wholesome weekend full of dancing, learning and partying with you. 

Jump up North is …

…humble and curious

We, the team and probably almost all of the participants, are not part of the african american culture that created and keeps living the art forms of authentic jazz and swing dancing that we all love. We need to acknowledge that we are guests in a culture. Therefore we should all be curious, open and super excited to learn more about this dance culture and its history. 

We want to create a learning space for all of us, an opportunity to grow together as a dance community. Let’s challenge our awareness as well as our dance skills. Let us inspire each other and be open to leaving our comfort zones (even if it’s just a little).

…socially inclusive

Jump Up North aims to be a socially inclusive festival and we know that one of the main barriers for such an event can be the price. For this reason, we encourage anyone who would love to take part but may have trouble paying the full price to contact us. We have calculated with a contingent of lower price tickets for anyone in a less comfortable financial position.

This is not an exception but a conscious part of the festival’s concept, so please don’t worry about contacting us! 

Those who can afford to pay more are invited to do so (any amount, totally your choice). This money will go towards helping others attend the festival. 

Also this year’s party has a strong focus on social inclusivity.

…joyful and respectful

Dancing brings us joy, that’s why we’re all here. We will always invite trainers who embody fun and passion in their dancing and have inspired us in the past. We absolutely dig live music and how it pushes a great party atmosphere. Also we love to invite local as well as guest DJs who make us dance all night long. 

We aim to provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe space for everyone. Therefore, it is crucial that you read and agree to our Code of Conduct.

Get the whole package

This year we honor these aspects by the choice of teachers, dance styles, an extra session as well as a very special party location. 

Please check out our teachers, our amazing band Jake Walker and our DJ Oskay.

And we’re super excited to party with you at the Gängeviertel, a very special cultural gem in Hamburg, that has a strong focus on social inclusivity.

Join us for this wonderful edition of Jump up North – we can’t wait to have you here!